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Holistic Coaching 

Guidance, Attention, Support

Holding Space for You


I am here to support you, by listening and holding space in a healing, safe & sacred atmosphere. 

For those of you who wish to take a deep dive down to look at what may be blocking you from living life fully, I am here as your guide.

In this confidential meeting, I hold the space for you, so that together we can explore your needs and desires. Diving into the deep waters of life can feel unfamiliar and scary, with gentle transitioning, I help you to uncover that which is ready to show its self.

We then may come to a place where, after the deep dive there is a resurfacing up where I help you with the practical aspects of life. 

As I hold the space we create,  I help you to see the light and love which you truly are. 
I help you to become aware that you are not separate from life, you are deeply connected to everything.


Feeling this connection will allow for confidence and invigorate your power, zest, and drive for life.

In-office, phone, and phone sessions are available. 

Sessions may include healing & balance work on the chakra system.

Come to the knowing  that you are love.


Coaching through the sacred journeys of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, & menopause. Guiding you on your way to a healthy vibrant pregnancy, an amazing birth, a relaxing postpartum journey, motherhood & menopause health.

Contact Christina for a 10 minute discovery call.