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What People are Saying

The Yellow Coat… Some Quotes

“This endearing story, with it’s warm and gentle light infused illustrations, honors that part in all of us, when we find that special something that helps us to feel happy, safe, and secure”. –

Rebekah Raye Artist, Illustrator, Author East Blue Hill, Maine

“Enjoy the amazing nature that surrounds us, for we are truly ‘one’ with nature, always have been and always will be.” –

Jon Anderson Singer, Song writer, Musician“

A wonderful story for all ages, which, much in the tradition of the story of the phoenix rising from its own ashes, illuminates the possibility of allowing the old to serve as the template for transmutation into the new. To me this is an ongoing story in any person interested in inner transformation. Magically illustrated, to keep all ages attentive.”–

Steve Curtin D.O. Blue Hill,

“What we love, we protect. This story will delight children and parents alike, who care for what they love.” –

Zoe Weil President, Institute for Humane Education Surry, Maine

“A beautifully illustrated story about a boy who rediscovers the comfort and security in the love of his family: The perfect bedtime story.” – Daniel Hays Author Brooklin, Maine


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