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More Library Readings

I have been reading The Yellow Coat in local libraries. This summer I read at Witherle Memorial Library in Castine. The Ellsworth Library, where Keirsten from Mortons Moo the local ice cream shop joined me and passed out cups of delicious homemade ice cream. It was great! The children listened to a wonderful story as they ate their homemade butterscotch, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. In July, my son joined me for a reading at the Library in North East Harbor.

The Yellow Coat is now being offered at the Maine Crafts Association. Both in person at their shop off I-95 and on their website. It is also at Bella Luna Toys in Rockland.

I am looking forward to more book readings and getting ready to read at maine Public Schools this fall. Thank You to everybody who has bought a copy for either themselves, or for someone they love.

This life is all about spreading the LOVE!


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