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Healing Bodywork for You!

End of May in Maine. A beautiful time of year when I take off my boots and put on my sandals. I am just in from the garden where I planted sugar snap peas and arugula seeds, soon…tomatoes & basil.

I am excited to share with you, that I my office will be fully open beginning this week and I am seeing clients. If you are in need of a therapeutic massage, pre-natal massage, Shiatsu or Reiki I am here to help.

These days self care is not an option, it is a necessity. We all have a capacity for how much we can take on, and when our bags become too heavy, then we need to drop them, let them go, relax, and find peaceful ways to feel light & whole again.

During this past 18 months I have been releasing what is too heavy. I have been on an inward journey of self healing, stillness, and allowing the mud to settle so that the next right action occurs.

The wisdom I have received from my time in Peru, my time in the garden, and my work with plant medicine is allowing me to see clearly the threads which connect us all together, the beauty in each day, and the deep love I have and hold for all beings.

And you, by simply receiving, automatically become the recipient of all the good work I have been doing. Each one of my bodywork sessions, includes healing medicine work which comes through in the form of prayer and attention.

My sessions are guided by my intuition and what your body most needs. Although muscles are being manipulated, meridians are being worked through and techniques are being used…my work is not about muscles, meridians, or the techniques I learned long ago, my sessions are a healing journey specific to you.

They are given as a holistic offering so that healing may take place on the spiritual level, as well as on the physical. So that you may evolve to where you need to be, through receiving and relaxing. I look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Now back outside where my garden is calling to me.

If you are on instagram please follow me: @ChristinaMontanoMaine & @intentionalsoup

Peace & Light,

Christina Montano


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