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March; Observe & listen.

Usually I want the cold days of winter to speed by so that I can be in the heat of summer.

It is mid March, the light is coming back here on the northeast coast of the USA and instead of rushing the days along this year I am taking time to feel the season ending. I’m feeling the last snow flurries of winter in Maine. I’m breathing in the cool air as it hits my face when I take a walk. I’m enjoying wearing my hat and gloves…

It is easy to savor the coolness of these final winter days because I know it is getting warmer…easy now. Yet I don’t want it to go too fast, If I blink my eyes it will be mid summer and then fall….

It is only a few days until spring and I am taking the time to listen to the birds and watch the squirrels running about. It looks like they are enjoying the warmish sunshine.

Today I breathe in breathe out, take each moment of each day and listen, maybe write down what I hear. I observe…nature, the wind, the rain, the buds in my garden, the sun as it travels higher across the sky.

Nature is my teacher and when I lean into her, when I observe her, listen to her, when I go to her… I feel her loving touch. My hearts open wider because I feel held by the great mother.

Take a moment today to breathe in and breath out, feel the cool wind, on your face, the warm sun coming through your window, and listen… what do you hear?

March, is a transition month, a time to listen, observe, be still, not rush, be here with the changing earth. Practice being in the present, enjoy the new-ness of the longer days, be kind to yourself and others you pass through

out your day.

Peace & Light,


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