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Wellness Wednesday

Last week I wrote about plants for healing

and how plants are some of our best teachers. This week I am thinking we all need a plant to tend to. I recommend going to your local nursery or even a big box store and picking out a plant that calls to you.

Set it on your alter, or your desk, or on the kitchen table. Some place where you will see it and can commune with it.

A few months ago I was walking through Home Depot and as I passed the plant section a tiny cactus, laying on its side, half fallen out of its pot called out to me. I could not pass it by…well I did pass it by and then I went back to turn it upright and then of course I bought it and it is here on my alter, strong and healthy.

Plants are healers. They heal the disease of the body, the mind, and the heart. Plant are medicines that can connect us to our inner wisdom as they activate the healer within. All plats have this ability.

Communing with plants every day is something I have been doing my whole life. Plants in pots, plants in the garden, trees, bushes…drinking plants in the form of teas, powders, fungi, roots, and cacao.

I start my day with cacao, mushrooms, and maca root. Using plant medicine on a daily basis keeps me healthy and vital.

When we work with the plants, drink the plants, and sit with the plants, we become the plants as they become a part of us. And when we know the plant as our ally, our teacher, we can offer them to others as medicine.

Drinking plants, herbs, teas, mushrooms, cacao…can be life changing and so can sitting with your live plant.

I love to celebrate cacao in every day ceremony with myself and in a monthly new moon ceremony with you. When we gather around the circle and bring our intentions to light we begin to see and feel the magic of how plants can help us in our lives.

Join me in our next Cacao Ceremony on February 17, with the new moon. Or book a private Cacao Ceremony for yourself or your family. Private ceremonies are both virtual and/or in-person in my beautiful wellness studio.

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