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Wellness Wednesday

Happy Winter Solstice!

The longest night has arrived in the northeast of the USA. This is an important time of change and transition.

Now is a good time to think about what you want your life to look like in June. Begin to make small changes over the next six months which will get you to this place.

As much as I prefer to live in endless summer days it’s important to have this soulful time to go within and create what's to come next.

Winter allows us to re-adjust schedules and expectations to a slower pace of life for now. And to play with the ideas that will get us to the next step in the vision we hold for life.

The seed catalogs arrive in February which allows us to dream about our gardens, create a vision of the growth we want to see in the heat of summer. We imagine flowers growing to nourish our creativity, and vegetables growing to nourish our bodies.

Winter can be profoundly important to take time to figure out what we want to grow! In our gardens and our lives.

If you live in a warmer winter climate there may not be snow to stomp through or ice on the road though there is still time for contemplation. Look for the subtle clues of changes around you. Different birds and insects, more rain or less rain. Nature shows us how to adapt and take the time we need to realign with ourselves. (I will share more on alignment next week).

Soon we will be anticipating the arrival of spring, with its warmer weather and increased daylight. For now, let us embrace the darkness, feel it in our bodies, and relax into it so that we feel strong and ready, when the time comes, to plant our selected, well-thought-out seeds into the warm soil.

Peace & Light,



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