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White Buffalo Woman

The Woman of the White Buffalo is the initiator of girls and women becoming medicine women and and also, safeguarding men.

Today I received a meditation that describes White Buffalo as a giver of herbs and plants, a fortifier, and a nourisher.

She also shows us that the old ways are dying and new ways are here for us to embrace in balance and light. The old way will put up a fight…their last licks at trying to control…before they die.

Here is a beautiful clip from the Four Worlds International Institute. You can also watch the whole story of the White Buffalo Prophecy here.

She resides in the Native American traditions. How excited I am to add her to my group of ancestors, saints, priests & priestesses of light who are in constant contact with me as I work with the healing medicine of touch.

I am not doing this alone. It would be far too exhausting and a lot less fun!

When I come into a session with you my guides are also with me. Did you know you are receiving many hands through my hands?

I went to massage school, I studied the muscles and the bones, anatomy & physiology…and then I forgot most of it. I have my own intuitive rhythm which guides me through the body I am working with.

As many of you have felt, my work is completely intuitive.

When you come in for your next massage allow yourself to experience the essence of receiving.

Massage therapy nourishes your entire being, not only your body. My sessions allow your mind to rest, your body to unwind and your soul to connect with your heart.

When you come in for your next massage at Blue Hill Healing be ready to receive the White Buffalo Medicine of nourishment and vitality, allow yourself to experience deep relaxation and healing.

A reminder that our Nourishing Cleanse starts this Sunday. There are still a few spaces left to join. Alle and I have created an instagram platform so that the entire cleanse will be virtual. Check out the link here for all the information and to see if a spring cleanse is what you need.

Peace & light,



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