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Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremonies are a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of brewed cacao. Cacao is a sacred plant medicine that is offered in celebration of the goddess Ixcacao. Guided meditation, music, and story can all be part of a cacao ceremony.

By attending a ceremony we open our hearts to the guidance, support, and radiant love which can be felt through the rituals, music, and clarity that penetrate as we receive ancient wisdom. 

We can release what no longer serves us allowing the fullness of what we receive from our sacred animals, elements, mountains, and ancestors to fill us with what we call for in this lifetime.

In the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilizations, cacao ceremonies were conducted by shamans, and medicine people to prepare for or be propelled into sacred journeys, to open the heart, and find one's joy, freedom, and light.

Being introduced to, and apprenticing with the wisdom of the Andean Shamanic path I am excited to facilitate this heart-opening ceremony with you, so that you may be propelled forward and touch on the magic that you need. 

Cacao ceremonies are a celebration of love, our connection to the great mother, mother earth, connection to nature, the cosmos, and ourselves. When we feel this, we come full circle to the “knowing” that no separation exists…this is where we feel true freedom, alignment and bliss. 

Shamanic Cacao ceremonies in Blue Hill Maine, in private or group settings, for special events, online and in person.


"The cacao ceremony was absolutely amazing. It was grounding, inspiring, heart opening, and a catalyst in my life for some big life changes. This ceremony assisted  me in  moving forward in the direction of my life’s work callings. Big shifts have happened since my first ceremony! I also witnessed a beautiful opening and sharing within the community present for the ceremony. It was crystal clear how very beneficial this heart opening medicine is for all of us! Powerful!!!" -Rebecca

"I love the way my sister Christina steps into her "knowing" , trusts herself and allows the divine to flow through her."


"Loved that I got a chance to open myself & connect with a new community. I was able to begin healing from simply being present." -D. Garcia

 "It was incredibly vivid. Christina created an environment that really allowed me to fully open and receive." -Alle  

"The meditative journey along with perfect ceremonial music, in a private group setting was the perfect space for the ceremony. Christina's voice is soothing and she also made a great, creamy cacao drink." -Gina

"What I loved most about the cacao ceremony was the setting and story telling. The comfortable space, music, along with a guided meditation really sparked my imagination and took me through a personal journey. I reached a heightened state where I could listen to my intuitions." -Alexa

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