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Massage Therapy & Energy Medicine

Clear   Heal  Nourish  Empower

Christina Montano specializes in

Healing Massage TherapyShiatsu &  PreNatal Massage


Christina practices a holistic approach to healthy living, which includes visualization and meditation. The bodywork that she shares is guided by intuition along with the specific needs of each client.


Sessions are by appointment in a relaxing, professional, office setting.

We all have a powerful light within. When we shine that light everyone we come in contact with receives a bit of it. We can consciously become beacons of light positively affecting our world by sending our love, our light to all we encounter and that which we think about.


Connect with the amazing being you are. Feel the deep relaxation and healing which can come from Therapeutic Massage. Release fear, embrace love.

If you would like to purchase a massage session or a gift certificate now, please contact Blue Hill Healing directly through text, phone, email or the contact form on this website. We will connect with you directly to set up appointment times.

Thank You.


Office Location

Blue Hill Healing

49 Water Street

Blue Hill ME 04614

What People are Saying

"I have had the pleasure of working with Christina for over 6 years now. Christina is a real gift in my life and I look forward to her therapeutic massages & her special presence as the highlight of each week. I have found Christina to be incredibly intuitive, nurturing, generous and grounded as a person and massage therapist. I always feel like a new person when I leave my massages with Christina, like I was completely rejuvenated from her healing hands and energy work.  Over the years she has helped me manage muscle and tension issues related to my job as a musician, and lovingly massaged me through pregnancy and the birth of my son. She has encouraged me in many ways and given me strength and peace. Christina’s extensive knowledge & experience in massage and her ability to heal the whole person are amazing and evident in every session. I am so grateful to Christina and recommend her highly!"  -Heidi P.

“As a mother of young children and a farmer who’s life includes many plants and animals always clamoring for my attention, it is not only blissful to lie down on Christina’s table and experience her healing touch, but a reminder that not only does my body benefit from spending time with Christina, my spirit also is boosted. I leave her studio in better physical and mental shape to care for those around me.” - Clara R.

"I love receiving massage from Christina she is thorough, and unhurried, and I always leave feeling a sense of restfulness and clarity."  -Chris K.

"I have been the recipient of Christina’s professional, compassionate and skillful work as a massage therapist, shiatsu practitioner, and energy healer for many years. She is a pioneer in many aspects of her life. Most specifically, in the world of Holistic Health, massage therapy and natural childbirth. Her depth of knowledge and wisdom in these fields runs deep and wide. Christina is a welcome inspiration to her clients. She is very efficient and organized. I have witnessed her capacity to help others in the work environment to do the same. She is a clear thinking leader and teacher. Christina is a visionary and can create whatever it is she imagines – a massage practice, a published children’s book, amazing food, or a year sailing with her family. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I am grateful to know her."  – Catherine S.

"Christina, an hour with you put ten years back on my life. Many Thanks."  -Tom L.

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