About Christina Montano

 Healing Arts Therapist

Christina is a healing arts therapist, specializing in massage therapy and energy medicine for healthy living. She is here to offer her support with intention, and love on the journey to your most authentic self.  Be it bodywork or holistic coaching, Christina is present to guide you to unlock the places you feel stuck and manifest the life you desire.


Practicing bodywork since 1991, Christina uses a unique blend of modalities within her practice. Combining varied healing techniques, she has cultivated a relaxing therapy session which includes energy healing, chakra balancing, acupressure, as well as therapeutic massage. Check out her Bodywork Page.

With her intention of  empowering women and families during the time of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth,  postpartum through to menopause. Christina believes that women have the right to choose the way in which they give birth. Birth of a Family, is her empowering story and film she made for women, men and families, during the childbearing years.


Christina's love of celebration, family, gardening and food lead her to create the youtube channel Intentional Soup holding the vision that food is best when prepared with good intentions she teaches people to stir love into every pot of soup they make.


Christina lives with her partner Nielsen and their children on the coast of Maine. Together they have started Heart Of The Storm, a local voyaging program designed to empower young people, as they explore science, art, and imagination. www.heartofthestorm.org 


If you have read this far you can see that there is a lot of passion and projects going on...Along with all of this, Christina loves the moon, spending hours in the garden & bathing in the salty sea. Check out her website, buy a book, The Yellow Coat.watch a soup show, a birth film, and  come in for an energy healing or therapeutic massage session. 

"Hold onto the great image and the whole world will come to you." - Lao Tzu