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Meet Christina Montano

 Healing Arts Therapist

"Hold onto the great image and the whole world will come to you." - Lao Tzu



Meet Christina Montano, a passionate and dedicated Healing Arts Therapist who specializes in Massage Therapy and Energy Medicine for Holistic Living. With a master's degree in Holistic Health & Healing from Lesley University, Christina offers support and wellness on the journey to discovering your most authentic self. 

Whether through bodywork, energy medicine, classes, retreats, or cacao ceremonies, Christina's guidance empowers individuals to awaken their true potential and unlock the places where they feel stuck in body, mind, or spirit, ultimately helping them manifest the life they desire.

With over three decades of experience in bodywork, Christina has honed her skills and developed a unique blend of modalities within her practice. Her approach is intuitive, as she seamlessly integrates various healing techniques into peaceful massage therapy sessions, encompassing energy healing, chakra balancing, and acupressure. Her bodywork page provides further insights into her diverse range of offerings.

Throughout her career, Christina has had the privilege of working with inspiring mentors and teachers from various backgrounds, including yogis, midwives, artists, nuns, and shamans. Her expertise extends to facilitating Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, which can be tailored for groups or conducted in one-to-one private sessions, either in person or online.


Driven by the intention to empower women and families during critical life stages, Christina has developed online classes to offer support and raise awareness. Her courses, such as Nurturing Beginnings: A Healing Prenatal Birth Course for Cultivating the Mind-Body Connection and Menopause Magic, provide guidance and inspiration for individuals navigating the transformative journey from pre-conception to postpartum and menopause. 


Additionally, Christina's empowering story and film, Birth of a Family, aim to inspire home-birth experiences with the involvement of the entire family.

Beyond her therapeutic practice, Christina's love for celebration, family, gardening, and food has led her to create the online course Intentional Soup. Embracing the belief that food is most nourishing when prepared with good intentions, she shares her wisdom on cultivating food from seed to celebration, infusing every meal with love.

Currently residing on the coast of Maine with her partner Nielsen and their children, Christina's love for nature is evident in her connection to the moon, her hours spent in the garden, and her enjoyment of bathing in the salty sea. As an extension of her commitment to nourishing souls,


Christina and Nielsen have initiated Heart Of The Storm, a local sail-voyaging program designed to empower, celebrate, and nourish individuals in their journey through life.


If you've made it this far, you can sense the passion and the array of exciting projects that Christina undertakes. Apart from exploring her website, you can delve into her children’s book, The Yellow Coat, take one of her classes, watch a birth film, or schedule an energy healing or therapeutic massage session. 


Christina invites you to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and holistic well-being

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