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Group Wellness Retreats


Welcome to Maine Healing Retreats

Your Journey to Inner Freedom

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Pause & Reset

Women's Wellness Retreat

May 11, 2024


A Day of Self-Care and Renewal

Welcome to Pause & Reset, a rejuvenating one-day local retreat designed exclusively for women seeking to alleviate the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with their inner selves.


Join us for a transformative experience that promotes relaxation, self-discovery, and overall well-being. My wish for this day is for you to recognize your inner strength, embrace your authentic self, and take positive steps towards personal growth and empowerment.


-Morning Serenity Session

We begin the day with an opening circle, and calming breath-work, set against the backdrop of nature. 


-Empowerment Workshop

Engage in empowering workshops led by Christina Montano, covering topics such as a commitment to deep self-love, body positivity, and a feeling empowered by walking the pathway to manifest dreams.


-Nourish Your Body

Indulge in a delicious plant-based meal, crafted to nourish your body and soul. Our carefully curated menu emphasizes fresh, locally sourced ingredients that support overall well-being.


-Creative Expression

Unleash your creativity through artistic expression. Participate in a guided beading session to create your own Talisman, and continue to express yourself through specific journaling prompts.

 Discover the joy of self-expression in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Guided meditation to commune with your power animal, Cacao ceremony for deep heart opening magic.


-Connect and Share

 Share your experiences, insights, and aspirations in a supportive and uplifting atmosphere. Build lasting connections that extend beyond the retreat.


Investment in Yourself

Early Bird Registration $222. 

After May 1,  Registration: $277.

To reserve your place, please fill in the form below
and Venmo your deposit of $111. @Christina-Montano-11 

other forms of payment available call Christina at 207.266.9274


Thank you!

Remember Who You Are

At Maine Healing Retreats, we believe that true freedom begins from within. Our carefully curated retreat offers an immersive experience that nurtures your mind, body, and soul. Led by Shamanic Healing Arts practitioner, Christina Montano, seasoned expert in healing and transformation, this retreat may be the beginning of a life-changing journey.

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