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Closing of the Bones Ceremony

A Rite of Passage Ceremony for Postnatal Women

Experience the Healing Power of a Closing of the Bones Ceremony


Embrace the ancient tradition of postpartum recovery with a gentle and nurturing ritual that honors the new mother, her body and provides support and healing after childbirth.

This sacred experience is done in a ceremonial space created for you. The ceremony includes gentle massage, wrapping techniques, and movement that come together to help the body realign and recover. Feel rejuvenated, connected and step into your power as a mother as you journey through this transformative, nurturing space.

You may prefer a private session or wish to share the experience with sisters, & friends in a group setting... the Closing of the Bones Ceremony is tailored to your needs.

Prioritize your well-being, Embrace Healing, Renewal, & Connection

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