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Intentional Soup

From Seed to Celebration.

intentional soup

When I am in the kitchen, stirring, chopping, mixing  & simmering...  there is one ingredient I use in every  pot of soup I make. 


 The ingredient is intention. 


I add a large dose of peace, vitality, clarity, rejuvenation, love and healing light, to every cake, smoothie, pizza, stir-fry, casserole, or pot of soup I prepare.


Adding Intention into the food I make is like dropping a stone into the sea. As the wavelets from the stone dropped in the water ripple out, forever…so do healing intentions, generating health, harmony, and abundance.

Cooking with intention is magical!


You are a beacon of light. My recipes will remind you to send love through your food to your family and friends, and everyone at your table.

Once many years ago I was a part of a group art show. I had been studying with this group of students for two years. Every morning we went into the studio and did drawing and sculpting from a live model and listened to the professor lecture about philosophy, life, and art. 



I spent most of my days in the studio kitchen. I was sort of afraid to attempt to draw on a giant easel or sculpt the bust of the model…in the kitchen though I felt free and alive. The first year I didn’t have a car so I walked a mile or so through the woods then onto a busy avenue to the nearest supermarket. At that time, the only place to find organic food was on the outskirts of the city at local farms. Occasionally we ventured out to an organic farm where a long-bearded farmer might have one or two organic squash left for sale, maybe some potatoes or a head of green cabbage. 

Back to the art exhibit. It was a big deal. Many of the students had their art work in the show. I had one piece, a self portrait charcoal drawing. I was standing in a small circle with the art professor and some of his  good friends who had come to see the show. "And what is your favorite thing?" One of them asked. My reply was; "I love to cook". Everybody laughed. I didn't realize that they were asking about what art medium I liked best.  It is 30 years later and I realize that food, specifically soup making is my art.  

I can speak about food all day. I can dream up recipes, bake, and make just about anything. I don’t usually follow a recipe, and when I do, I end up altering it. Cooking is like swimming or riding a bike…I never forget how, I just do it with ease. 


I’m always amazed how a few ingredients such as butter, sugar, flour and baking powder can make so many, many different kinds of baked goods. Or how a sturdy copper pot with olive oil and a chopped onion can start a delicious pot of soup.


I am here to show you how to mix food with good intentions and fall in love with every bowl, dish, tray, or pot you prepare.


Arrange your table with candles & flowers, organize your kitchen with peace and healthy food.

And how to grow the food you love in almost any space you have. 


 From Seed to Celebration.

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