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Birth of a Family Film

An empowering birth film.  Great for fathers-to-be.
A glance into the world of an informed, home birthing family.

What would it be like to give birth naturally, in a completely relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary intervention, surrounded by people we love and choose to be with?


Birth of A Family is a beautiful new film which shows and tells the story of one family’s four home births over a twelve year span.

This dynamic new film portrays the strength of child birth from a fathers perspective as well as shows how fluid and empowering birth can be for the birthing woman. It shows how the entire family embraces the process of birth.

A true love story about a unique and loving family.

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Film Background from Christina

I have had four healthy home births. I am an advocate for healthy pregnancies, birth, and postpartum support. Women need to be nurtured and taken care of by calm helpful people during these times. 


Women’s bodies are perfect for giving birth. Birth is a natural process, not an emergency waiting to happen, or a medical event. 


When I was a young girl I had a lifelike baby doll. I dressed her up in baby clothes, strolled her around the neighborhood in a big navy blue baby carriage, stuffed with cozy blankets and I pretended she was real. 


All I can remember wanting to do was have a baby. I kept a journal and imagined I would be a writer, but mostly I wanted to be a mom. I loved the idea of being pregnant and swaddling my own real baby. I baby-sat forever and really enjoyed everyone else kids.

Two years into my marriage with Nielsen I gave birth to my first baby, Claudio. He was born at home in a warm pool of water. 

It was a peaceful atmosphere with a few midwives, my mom and my friend who filmed the birth.  In between the contractions, I felt a deep sense of relaxation. I felt in the moment and very bliss-full. I was ready to have him when I pushed him out into the water and held him on my chest. I was also very tired.  


During my pregnancy, I read every book that existed on natural childbirth and home birth. I found a midwife in New Haven where we were living at the time who was a perfect fit for me. Her energy was positive and uplifting. 


I was very fortunate to be, living in New Haven because while Nielsen attended Yale University. I was allowed to go to all of the amazing lectures and talks that were put on by the Nurse-Midwifery department. There I met many of the authors of the books I had read. I met Michel Odent who was very keen on water birth and I decided I would have my baby in water. I met wonderful women and one man who were studying to be midwives.


I visualized health and had, besides the four months of nausea, a wonderful pregnancy. I loved my pregnant body. I dreamt of my son bringing flowers to me, I was very connected and still and I spent the winter months, when I wasn’t working, lying on a day bed with the sun streaming through lace curtains and our cat Luna on my belly.


I had a lot of good care and nurturing and my next three births only got easier.

When I made Birth Of A Family I did so to help empowered women to have the birth they desire.


Healthy birthing has much to do with women feeling empowered. And their partners feeling empowered. And the people around them holding a clear healthy space.


Thank you so much for your video, Birth Of A Family. After watching it I felt prepared to give birth and I had this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be fine. It was the most peaceful birth and least painful birth I've had out of my three. It was amazing I was able to channel my pain it, didn't hurt it was beautiful! I let my body do what it needed to do. -Brianna Z

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