Blue Hill Healing 



Sometimes we need to stop. Let our minds unravel. Discover a sacred place to heal and unwind.


Being in nature for an extended length of time allows for immediate healing to begin.


Healthy food long walks, and the sun on our bodies are some of the ways we can obtain healing.


Our retreats allow the flow of healthy energy to come in, and in turn, begin to allow us to let go of what we do not need anymore.


A place where you have the opportunity to relax and align with nature.


2021 Summer retreats in Maine Dates: TBA


Women’s Do Nothing Retreat: A small group of women gathers in beautiful down east Maine for healing through deep relaxation of mind and heart.


Healthy meals are provided along with yoga, bodywork, writing, meditation. Or you can simply do nothing.


Individual day retreats also available.

Yoga retreats in Andalucia Spain 


Please Contact Christina for details and information.

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.

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