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Allowing space for growth is no longer an option. We need support and sacred space to heal. 


Being in nature for an extended length of time allows for immediate healing to begin.


Healthy food, forest bathing, massage therapy, the sun on our bodies are some of the ways we can obtain healing.


Our retreats allow the flow of healthy energy to come in, and in turn, begin to allow us to let go of what we no longer


need.  A place where you have the opportunity to re-align with nature.


Summer 2021 retreat offering in Maine USA

One on One Sacred Retreat

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 One on One Sacred Retreat is for you if you are ready to let go of that which does not align and serve you, and  you are ready to manifest a new way of living. 

One on One Sacred Retreat is designed specifically for you.  Are you are ready to surrender to the past and begin to manifest the life you desire. This is your retreat, designed specifically for you to gain new insight into your life and begin the journey of subtle change & healing. 

Do you long for deep restoration and healing? Your One on One Sacred retreat is the place to begin. 

What your One on One Sacred retreat looks like:



sacred herb ceremony

focus for the day; deciding, discussion

healing body work session to release what you are ready to let go

organic lunch


forest bathing

yoga posture release


cranial, Reiki release


sacred herb closing ceremony

 organic dinner

One on One Sacred Retreat is offered in a quiet outdoor/indoor setting.

Retreat is  9:00- 4:00 pm

Contact Christina at for more information.

Space is limited for the 2021 summer season.

Yoga retreats in Andalucia Spain ( coming in 2022)


Please Contact Christina for details and information.

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