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The Yellow Coat Story

“It is my sense that most adults have important childhood memories connected with beloved objects such as a coat, a blanket or something else. It is the heartfelt relationship to such objects that illustrates a child’s heightened awareness and intuition.”   - Christina Montano


llustrated with stunning watercolors, The Yellow Coat is a story of intuition, transformation, rediscovery and recycling by Maine author Christina Montano.

Inspired by a true story and beautifully illustrated by Ade van Duyn, this picture book features large colorful paintings which include amusing depictions of the family cat, as well as those of a curious little mouse.

In the story, the boy loves his yellow coat so much that he takes it off only when he goes to bed.

One night he has a strange dream...find out what happens when he wakes up. 

Now Available as a read-aloud book in three languages

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the yellow coat poster vimeo Spanish.png


the yellow coat poster vimeo French.png


A Few Words from Author Christina Montano

The Yellow Coat is a true story about love and what we hold dear to our hearts. When my husband Nielsen was a young boy he had a yellow coat, it was his favorite coat… this is his story.


I decided to write his story into a children’s book. I asked my mother in law, Ade van Duyn if she would be interested in illustrating the book. (photo left) She is a wonderful artist and I knew that her paintings would be perfect for the book I had in mind. She used my youngest son as a model, she brought to life scenes from the home she raised her children in, as well as the town my children grew up in.

With the help from a talented graphic artist who worked with me on the book format, font and layout, a neighbor who did the final editing, and a friend who helped me fund the project, I was on my way to publishing the exact book I envisioned. And I am happy to say The Yellow Coat is a total success.  The Yellow Coat is a great story for all ages. 

School Visits

Thanks for thinking about having me come to your school and read my beautiful book; The Yellow Coat. Book readings are geared towards pre-k through 2nd grade.

I am available for individual or group classes. Visits are generally split into 45 minute sessions, so that I may cover the different grade levels.

My visits are free! I make my living through book sales. The only requirement for having me read at your school is in allowing me to send out order forms for my book, prior to the school visit date. I am happy to sign each book individually for the student or family who makes a purchase.

Ade van Duyn

Artist, Illustrator of The Yellow Coat

Ade studied Art in Holland at Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag (The Royal Academy of Art, The Haag).


She has taught art to children in public and private schools both Europe and the U.S. Ade, along with her husband Gerard raised their four children amidst creative, fun activities such as painting, drawing, sculpture, stained glass, mosaics, and papier-mâché. Presently she enjoys painting portraits as well as scenes from nature.

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