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Rise of the Feminine Power

The next four years are not about Trump.

The next four years are about what comes after Trump.

These days are filled with the unknown. You wake up in the morning and wonder if you are still dreaming…A loud mouthed man dominates the news and most magazine covers and he’s “in charge of the country?” You want to pull the covers back up over you face and stay there for the next four years.

Don’t despair, I have good news. The next four years may or may not make this country great, however, it will change the planetary consciousness as we know it. The social system in which females hold primary power is upon us.

This presidency…it’s not about Donald Trump. Stop giving him so much of your attention. It’s about what comes after him. During the past eight years we have seen big steps in a positive direction. We woke up in the morning and started the day on a good note. We felt secure with an educated, well spoken president. His speeches could bring tears to our eyes for all the right reasons.

Now the tide has turned and its time for all of us to turn with it. We each need to rise up, speak our truth and become one with this new tide. The feminine tide has been rising for a long time and it is now stronger than ever. It is powerful and it will take over. The Mother of all mothers is here and the floods are enviable.

In time of great change people who feel insecure are filled with fear. They cling to what they know. It feels safer. In this time of tremendous change we need to show strength and love, to ourselves and to those around us. We are stronger than ever before.

We have been living in a patriarchal society for too long and it’s ending. Right before our eyes. The change is upon us now. Trump and his helpers are bringing it on faster, they are helping to arrange the lines of transmission along which our future as feminine leaders will bring this planet into a harmonious new order of matriarchy. Believe it, its real. Rejoice in what is. Wake up in the morning happy, throw the covers off to a new day. Find the golden light in everything you see and spread it everywhere.


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