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7 things to do to feel good

You feel bad. Feel the feelings and do these 7 things while your feeling bad. Taking action moves the energy in your life, clears your mind and can allow for that over all good feeling.

TAKE A BATH: Talk a hot steamy bath and add your favorite essential oil or bath salts to the water. Good smells make you feel good.

HULA-HOOP: Break out your dusty hula-hoop and hula for 10 minutes. Its silly and fun and a great core exercise.

DRINK A CUP OF GOOD TEA: Make yourself a cup of extra good tea, and drink it out of a fine china tea cup or your favorite mug. Let it steep for 3 minutes, breathe in the earthy aroma. Think about where the tea originated and how it was brought to your home.

MAKE A VEGGIE PIZZA: If you don’t have a pound of dough near by check out a simple dough recipe, or use a piece of good bread or even an english muffin. Spread it with your favorite tomato or pesto sauce and lots of veggie, top with cheese. Bake, give thanks, and eat your colorful, nutritional pizza.

TAKE A WALK IN THE WOODS: Get outside in your boots and walk on the earth. Or if the temperature permits, take a bare-foot walk. Breathe in the scent of the various trees. Take notice of their leaves, buds and bark. Hug a tree. Nature and being in the outdoors, especially close to trees, can fill a void and help you let go of sadness.

CLEAR ONE SHELF IN THE LINEN CLOSET: Just one shelf, don’t get overwhelmed with the entire closet. Clear off a shelf and re-organize, throw away, refold the linens you want to keep and use this year. Clarity brings comfort.

WRITE A LETTER: Sit down at your desk, or the kitchen table and write a letter, yes, an actual paper/pen letter. Write to someone who would appreciate a letter in the mail. Write a sweet something from your heart. To your aunty, to an old friend, even to your self. Be sure to stamp and mail it! Communicating & connecting brings joy.


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