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Recipe for a Stress Free Holiday. Three Easy Steps.

How to Have a Stress Free Holiday. Three Easy Steps

Let Go

Let go of your ideas of perfection. Let go of the way you think life should be and embrace the way life is.

Much of our stress comes from living in the past, living with complaints about how life ‘could have been,” instead of looking life in the eye and seeing it as it is.

Take a time out, go out, into the snow, onto a beach, the city streets, wherever you find peace…take a walk and take a breath. You are exactly where you need to be and everything is OK.


Remember what the holiday season is about. It’s about spirit and light coming into the dark days of winter, it’s about family and food and travel and fun.

Know that there is never true darkness only the absence of light. Remember that you are like a star shining light in the dark night sky and you are perfect the way you are.


Allow everybody to be who they are.

When you encounter a family member or a friend who you are not particularly fond of look into their eyes and see the spirit in them. See them as one of those stars in the vast outer-space and you will not be able to help yourself but to love them.

They may annoy you, because you see aspects of yourself in them. If you look closely you will also see the love and when this occurs, in that moment you have made your life and their life better, deeper.


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