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6 Rituals to Create Balance

Autumn is upon us and it is a great time to go within, be quiet, dream, and discover your intentions to living a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.

It is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn is a time of change. While in the winter we ready the spring with open arms and thoughts of abundance in the garden and the warm sunny weather the fall can bring about a melancholy feeling.A sadness of the cold dark days to come.

If you're like me you eke out the last bits of sunshine and await the Indian summer days which are all too fleeting and short when they do finally arrive in early October…they are a reminder that summer will come again and the sun will burn bright. In the meantime, we have some work to do to prepare.

Let's talk about balance and stability. Rituals provide a sense of stability.

We all need to feel balanced. If we give too much we need to receive, if we work too much we need to rest if we eat lots of sugar we need to balance this with more protein. If there is a lot of loud noise where we work or live, we need tor retreat and find a quiet place to be.

Retreating is an excellent way to bring back the balance in our lives. After this past busy summer I retreated for a few days. I ate healthy food, slept more than usual, had two massages, and relaxed into doing nothing, (which is not easy for me).

Here are six simple rituals to begin creating balance in your life.

Rituals create a rhythm which in turn can provide balance for healthy living. Once you begin to feel in balance you can jump off from this solid place to begin small or big changes toward the life you want to live.

Autumn is a time to go within. A time to be quiet, dream and discover.

Six simple steps. Begin right now.

Breathe: Take a breath…then take another deeper breath… let your exhale be long and slow. Conscious breathing helps to bring your awareness to your body and away from repetitive thoughts. Breathe.

Gratitude: Thank you. Yes, be grateful. Name three things that you are grateful for, this very moment. Write them down. Having gratitude, even for the smallest things like watching a woodpecker at your bird feeder or thanking your well that it gives you clean water are as significant as being grateful for the larger things in life. Gratitude reduces stress and is said to reduce inflammation in your body!!

Exercise: Yes the same old suggestion…do not worry about it though. Stand up where you are right now and stretch your arms to the sky..wiggle your toes bend over and (attempt to) touch them. Take a walk, do 10 jumping jacks or pull out your hula hoop and hula for 10 minutes…I have a weighted one that feels great when I use it. It gives my belly a nice massage.

Nourishment: Eat the most nourishing food you can afford. Eat whole foods; grains, seeds, nuts, beans, vegetables, and a little bit of meat if you need it. Cut back on sugar, pork, dairy, and all processed foods.

Sleep: You need the correct amount of sleep in your life. If you wake up refreshed and singing about the new day, then you probably had enough sleep. Whether it is six hours, eight or nine…play around with getting to bed at the right time to maximize your sleeping.

Socialize: Be social even if you don’t like people. Say hello to everyone you come into contact with today. We are all here on the planet to connect. We are social creatures and we need the benefits that connection gives us. Get up and go out, especially if you are feeling alone or blue. Go to the tea shop, the library, or the supermarket. You will be sure to bump into someone you know and have a short chat or say hello.

Breathe, Be thankful, Exercise, Nourish, Sleep & Socialize.

These are basically the rituals of life. We need to sleep to grow and wake so that we can make and eat delicious meals so that we can take long morning walks, meditate, breathe, hula hoop, say thank you, and then rest and eat again and so on and so on…And in between socialize and spend time with family and friends.

Autumn is a time to begin the journey, once again, going within. In the spring we will be ready to open up and expand, for now, let's get cozy with these six rituals and see where they takes us.

If you would like more in-depth coaching on the rituals that will propel you forth into positive change, I would love to help. Contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Yoga Pose for Autumn is: Tree Pose; The Tree pose is a balancing pose. It helps us gain physical steadiness and mental clarity. Practicing The Tree pose, will improve focus and calm the mind.


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