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Answer the Call

Wellness Wednesday

Align with what is calling to you.

Do you have a strong feeling, something that keeps calling out to you over and over?

You hear and see it in your dreams, it plays out like a scene in your head while you’re driving, or signs in the physical world keep pointing to that idea, thought, or vision?

Now is the perfect time to act on these voices or visions. Now we need to listen to the voice that says... write your book, or change your job, or simply paint your office sky blue.

There is a cosmic energy that exists to pull us all together… to align us with what we want!

This is very real. And right now we are in an ascension process to receive powerful energies of light, coming in from the central sun which lights all the cosmos.

The light, it’s always here, by the way, just intensifying this month.

When this powerful energy hits us it’s like a cosmic kick in the butt! It’s aligning with you and shouting out the way to move forward in the direction of what has been calling…and to do it now!

This week especially, the energy is moving through your solar plexus, your gut! Use this resource to say Yes to that nagging thing, which is calling and wants to come through.

When you say Yes, to the voice that says… now is the day to paint my office, or start on my book or change my career, chances are it is a perfect time.

When you say yes to one, all of the rest fall into place. You may go to the paint store to buy the sky blue paint for your new office

And you may start a conversation with the owner of the paint shop who just happens to be looking to expand and needs an interior decorator to work with his team,

and yes, this is the exact thing you have been wanting to start; an interior design business.

Everything you want is right in front of you…there is a telephone which is always ringing and ringing and once you hear the ring, all you need to do is to answer the call.

Right now as the moon is in Capricorn it’s a perfect time for slow, steady movement towards what you are seeking and say yes to that dream, vision, or idea.

Creativity needs action! Your muse is calling you. Take an action step in the direction of what you want.

Answer the call!

If you need help taking the first few steps to your new dreams and ideas contact me for a 20-minute discovery call.

Peace & Light, Christina


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