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Bone Broth or Rabbit

Have you made bone broth this year?

I’m more of a vegetable gal, but there are times when a good cup of Bone Broth is exactly what my body needs.

Bone Broth helps heal the body in many ways, it is great for digestion and gut health and keeps the immune system healthy. It also may help fight inflammation.

Animal bones are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals the same minerals needed to build and strengthen our own bones. Also it helps improve joint health, which seems logical.

In prehistoric times, hunter-gatherers ate every part of the beast which they brought back from the hunt. Nothing went to waste.

Inedible animal parts like bones, hooves, and knuckles went into a pot of water, I like to think some local herbs were picked and thrown into the pot as well. The concoction simmered until the juices from inside the bones and the connective tissues of the animal turn into broth. Their nutrients are released into the water in a form our body can easily absorb.

Bone Broth is ultra nourishing. We adapted to the idea of chicken soup for colds and flu, where a whole chicken, its fat and bones, gizzard, neck and heart are boiled for a long while and then veggies are added. Bone Broth is not too different…just bigger bones.

Bone Broth can be made from the bones of cows, chickens, pigs, lambs, turkey, bison, even fish.

It is warming and nourishing. It is easy to make. Put your bones in a pot with one gallon of water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar bring to a boil then simmer for 12-24 hours. Or use a slow cooker…or an insta-pot. You can add herbs, onion, garlic, celery, carrot…really what ever you like to enhance the flavor. Here is a recipe I like...

Last year when my son and I were in Madrid we spent a long day walking around the Prado Museum. It was a good place to be, on a drizzly November day. However, on our way out, not only did we leave with Stendhal Syndrome, we were very hungry!

The rain had long since passed and we found a wonderful restaurant close by with outdoor seating and big gas heaters above our heads to keep us warm.

I immediately ordered the Bone Broth. My son ordered the rabbit.


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