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Clear for the New Year

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday 2022

Four week January challenge to create more space in your life.

Between today and my birthday on February 5, I will be cleaning out the clutter, organizing and creating an opening for new ideas. A space for me. You can join me on Instagram @ChristinaMontanoMaine for helpful tips and to share your ideas and receive help in your progress of Clear for the New Year.

The new moon is upon us once again. It is in the sign of Capricorn which allows for slow steady growth. If you have something calling to you that you have been putting off doing, now is the time to begin, or to begin again.

Let me help you create a space where all ideas are possible because there is room to move, grow, think and be.

When you clear things away you have more!! I know it sounds silly. It is true. When you finally throw out that old t-shirt you make way for something new to enter into your life, another t-shirt, or perhaps a new idea…

The same thing happens when you look in your kitchen cabinets and realize you have three Cuisinarts… can you think of two people who might need them? Pass them along. You only need one. And you probably don’t even need that one. Opening up space on your shelf in your life by clearing it away or giving it away is magic because it automatically creates more room for you to grow!

Let's bring this down out of the thinking mind into action. It's not so easy to clean out our closets and drawers…I spent a good year thinking about the giant pile of clothes on my closet floor until yesterday…when I was ready to take action. Because I truly need to make more space for what I want.

I was ready to take action because I wanted something more than I wanted to look at that pile of clothes every day. I could feel the desire in my body. And the feeling allowed me to take action.

And I was reminded in a course I’m taking where the first thing suggested was to clean out the clutter. This, in turn, will create space for more ideas, clarity, and overall health.

There is the emotional part of clearing out…which keeps us holding onto things we don’t need or want.

Why do we hold on to stuff we don’t need? For me, it could be a t-shirt that invokes memories of an old grateful dead concert, or it could be the thought, hmmm I might need this in the future…And that's where I go back to my mantra…

"I am letting this item go because I am making space for something new."

And for me this is exciting. I am creating new spaces for projects, ideas and work.

Marie Kondo says if it doesn’t "Spark Joy" for you, then it should not be in your home.

So I go through the pile one piece at a time and if what I am holding in my hand does not spark joy for me… I throw it away or donate it to my local thrift shop.

Still not feeling the push to clear out your old stuff…here's a way to make it more comfortable. Break it down. Life is so much more manageable when we break it down into small steps. Instead of taking on my entire closet…I do one shelf at a time.

Even though Marie Kondo says to only keep the things that Spark Joy …I don't always listen to her advice... If I’m not 100 percent decided and I have the room I might keep the one thing that only sparks a bit of joy and allow myself to decide when the season changes and I do my next sorting out.

You may feel that you don’t have permission to get rid of stuff, or maybe you don’t know where to take it or what to do with it…

So if this is you…I permit you, right here and now. You may let go of that which you do not need or want! You have permission to release what does not bring you joy! Yes, go ahead, donate it, give it to a friend or throw it away.

After four giant bags of clothes and shoes were taken to my local thrift shop to be turned into food for the hungry ( local thrift shops are best to support ) and since I want to help feed everybody I choose to send my gently used clothes, cans and bottles to a thrift store run by a local church which buys food for those in need.

I felt good dropping those big bags off yesterday. I feel lighter and have more clarity, and I am ready for what's to come.

Take the January challenge with me on Instagram @ChristinaMontanoMaine Clean out your closets, bedroom, kitchens, anywhere there is old stuff …if it does not feel good out it goes…make your home, your office space, your mind, and your life a lot lighter!

See you on the 30 day challenge... Clear for the New Year.


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