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Feeling Autumn

October is fading and as the leaves change color, those of us who live in the northeast, of the northern hemisphere, may be feeling the sadness which ensues when there is an ending. As the light changes our bodies will feel different than they did during the height of summer.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Metal governs the lung and the large intestine, nose and skin. Autumn is the element of Metal. The emotions associated with Metal are grief, and courage.

Breathing in and letting go.

Feelings of deep sadness may come to the surface and you may feel them more during this time of year. We can embrace the ebb and flow of nature by tuning into how we feel in a non-judgmental way.

For example, when the feeling of grief or sadness arises, notice where you feel it in your body. And sit with the feeling for a few moments. Use your breath to breath into the feeling and simply notice. Notice your thoughts, notice your body. And then say thank you.

In the spring and summer we are opening while now in autumn we begin to close the cycle of summer and retract…it is time to prepare for the cold months ahead.

High fiber foods help eliminate waste and prevent constipation as Metal is related to the large intestine. Fluid intake helps to retain skin moisture. Heart opening yoga poses, as well as deep breathing exercises can benefit the lungs.

Stacking wood, (if you do that), dressing in layers, eating warming, nourishing foods are all ways to help the body prepare for the cold. I like to stay hydrated with earthy teas. Kukicha

is one of my favorites.

Brewing tea, simmering soup, eating the last of the garden veggies and nourishing my body with massage therapy is what I have been up to all month. What have you been up to? Are you ready to embrace the cold?

I look forward to seeing you soon. Come in for a healing massage session, my Blue Hill office is open, cozy and warm.

COACHING NEWS: I am now taking a limited number of virtual coaching sessions so that where ever you live you have the opportunity to connect with me and work on an issue which seeks healing & clarity.

Peace & light, Christina


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