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Five tips for a relaxing Thanksgiving Holiday

Hello beautiful people,

Thank you for receiving the gift of Massage Therapy this year.

Below are my 5 tips for a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.

I am enjoying this week with very little consuming. I am walking a lot, I visited an art gallery this morning, watched a movie with my kids, made a vegan pumpkin pie, and I am feeling grateful for each and every bit of the food I eat.

I think about where it all comes from and say a prayer for the farmers of this land who make all of our endless grocery shopping possible. I was in Whole Foods today and (as always) I am in awe of the abundance I have at my fingertips…there is SO much food available.

Mountains of fresh cranberries, oranges, clementines, dozens of varieties of fruits, nuts, vegetables, greens…and as you all know, the list seems endless. How does all this food, especially the fresh produce arrive into all of these thousands of supermarkets? It seems like magic.

We are so lucky that we get to indulge in the best food in the land. We are so fortunate! What a blessing.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful, loving Thanksgiving.

Peace & Light,


Breathe; Start your day with a short 3 minute meditation and some simple breath work. Breathe in and out and follow the flow of your breathing until the timer dings. Do this exercise with your feet panted firmly on the floor.

Try it when you are waiting for a pie to cook, when you are getting ready to drive, before you eat a meal.

Relax into the day slowly… start with a cup of lemon water or tea. Stretch your arms over-head and let out a sigh or two. Move with ease and grace. Allow each step you take to be gentle upon the earth.

Have Fun laugh at everything. Watch stand up comedy or You-Tube clips of the Ellen Show. You will be sure to relax into a laugh.

Chew your food well. Some say every fork-full can be chewed 100 times…that takes a while, try 50 times or 25. You get the idea…slowing down your eating will help aid digestion and make your body feel good.

Be comfortable. Wear an outfit that makes you feel good. Add some sparkle.

Say Thank you to everyone and everything in your life. Being grateful boosts your energy and decreases inflammation!

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