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Happy Spring

Happy Spring! 2020

We have an early  Equinox this year. It was yesterday on the 19th of March. I am happy that these Maine days are getting longer by the minute. I long to dig in the garden and plant something…anything…just to feel the earth beneath my fingertips…the earth grounds me.

Goodbye winter season. I am ready to stretch my arms to the sky, feel the warmth of the sunshine, and bloom forth into the light of spring. Ahh spring, a time of opening, of warmth, and joy. New life.  Although most of us are housebound due to CV, this is no excuse not to bloom, open, and feel the light.

If we have a few more weeks to stay inside and self-quarantine, wonderful.  More time to meditate, take a walk, organize your space, bake bread…( this is what I am doing while I wait for the ground to thaw…)

Let’s honor nature and her rhythms, express gratitude for where we are, what we have, who we are sitting with…at this very moment in time.

And if you need an energetic tune up, contact me for a virtual Reike or Reconection Healing session.

As our good friend Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us… Present moment, only moment.

Enjoy this time fully. Happy Spring! Love to all.

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