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Morning Ritual

Wellness Wednesday

Daily Morning rituals can reset our cells and create positive energy for the day.

Brew a cup of tea, coffee, hot lemon water… whatever you like to drink. Infuse the cup with your prayers.

I Infuse my morning cup with prayers…from my heart, I breathe in, and as I exhale I allow the feelings of love and gratitude to flow through my body and out through my breath.

Then I take a sip.

Even if you only have a few minutes in the morning, the positive effects of the ritual will be felt throughout the day.

Try it for seven days…notice how you feel.

Find a special cup you will use for this seven-day ceremony. Choose your tea, and a spoon and set the items in a basket on your counter.

Designate a candle you can use for the week.

Light the candle. Boil the water, brew the tea, and offer a prayer of love.

You can offer a prayer by closing your eyes and thinking of a person, a being, a pet that you love. Allow these feelings to be felt in your body.

Breathe in these feelings of love, and breathe them out into your cup.

Take a sip

Think of something you are grateful for and, again, simply exhale that feeling of gratitude into your cup.

Take a sip.

Sit for a moment and imagine your day. Know that you will move through it with a light heart and a lot of love.

Enjoy your tea.

Say, Thank You.

Sending Peace & Light,


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