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Neck & Shoulder Pain

Wellness Wednesday

Hello, we made it through the portal of 2-22-22!

Yesterday’s auspicious day of two’s is said to bring in a year of double abundance. So whatever you call into your life this year, know that it will doubly arrive.

Even though the planets are aligned, the 2’s are abundant and the days are turning a tiny bit warmer…some of us may be bothered by neck and shoulder tension.

Let’s say goodbye to neck and shoulder tension, today!

One of the most common areas we hold stress in our bodies is our neck and shoulders. With school, work, or life in general, we tend to spend a lot more time sitting at a desk and looking at a computer screen. Maybe we unconsciously hunch over or tense up as we are typing?

Here are some tips to ease your neck pain.

Shrug your shoulders every half hour or so. Breathe in, shrug them up to your ears then release them as you exhale out.

Chin Tuck: Breath in…tuck your chin by bringing your chin down to your chest, then as you exhale… lift your chin into the air with your head gently tilted backward.

Move your body!!! Get up move your body for at least two minutes. When I am sitting at my computer I get up and hula-hoop! A weighted hula-hoop is an excellent piece of equipment to have in your office or dorm room.

Get a massage! Massage therapy will help alleviate the tension in your neck and shoulders, and, well, your whole body!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Peace & Light,



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