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Spring Cleanse

Last call for this year's Spring Cleanse. Join Alle and me for a fun week of deep service to our bodies. We begin on Sunday May 1.

As we come into this new season, of spring, with the new moon in Taurus, we are reminded to come back into the body, to anchor in all of the big energy shifts we have been experiencing on a collective and personal level. We are invited to connect with the element of earth, to connect with the abundance we have all around us, to receive and nourish our bodies.

As the earth warms up and life begins to sprout we seek the nourishment of the soil, the air, the sunshine. We want to feel properly nourished and fortified for whats to come. New life, new growth, new attitudes and new ideas.

Lets begin the season by feeling the clarity in our bodies. In our spring cleanse we will align heart, mind and spirit to FEEL GOOD.

If you are feeling a YES, now is your opportunity to make the changes you are seeking in life which begin with your food!

You can sign up for the cleanse at FLORA EX MACHINA

And book your spring massage session at BLUE HILL HEALING

Peace & Light,



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