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Transition Time is Now

Ahh. Autumn in the northern hemisphere. Autumn in the northeast of the USA. Autumn in Maine. This is a time of great transition. We are called to begin the journey within. Once again, as the season changes from summer to fall, from a strong warm sun to a dimmer sun we begin to feel the effects to body, mind and spirit.

It's a bit like dancing and yelling at a rock concert to singing softly on a foggy beach walk. It's wearing sandals and then putting on boots. The transition from summer into autumn is in the element of Metal. Holding on and letting go. Thats where we are. "Should I stay or should I go"...a wishy-washy feeling perhaps.

What is the best way to transition a transition? Listen. Quiet the mind. Open up with gratitude to what is directly in front of you. Be patient and kind to yourself and others.

There may be a slight disappointment as the sun fades, a sadness that the sun is not fulfilling its summer duty.

We want to hold on…”longer, just a bit longer please.”

So, here's the deal, you are exactly where you need to be! Really. We all are. And it is all working perfectly. And you will successfully transition this transition.

The planet is spinning, monkeys are swinging through tall trees, babies are learning to roll over, truck drivers are delivering oranges across the country, leaves are falling to the ground and being whipped into the air by cool winds.

And we get to witness these things, because we are here, now, going through a seasonal transition from warm to cool. And in the coolness there is a settling. A time to say, " I am resting, I am watching, I am listening.”

We can learn to be comfortable with transitions; the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Can we do this with gratitude and joy? Can we lovingly pull out the sweaters and the boots? Gather our harvest, chop wood, feel the peace of letting go of one thing, season, action... while embracing the next?

Yes, we can!

Listen, quiet the mind, and rest as we navigate this season transition, this wonderful, uncertain, joyous time.

I am here for you all. Holding the space of Love and light. Call out to me if you need a healing session, a balancing massage, some clarity. I am here, available to listen, and guide.


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