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Wellness Wednesday

Happy Spring from Blue Hill Healing

Whats new this week? Rose Massage, Rose Retreat and Healing Breathwork Sessions.

This week I am giving away a special essential oil with every massage. It is made for you with love and prayers, a special Rose blend just in time for Summer.

June is Rose Month for me. Come in for a Rose essential oil massage. Using essential oils in massage enhances relaxation, reduces stress, relieves anxiety, and increases calmness and deep relaxation.

Rose is one of my favorites. She is a heart opener and paired with rose quartz crystal can create the atmosphere of a deeply healing heart-opening massage session.


Join me on June 19-23, online for a five-day Rose dieta where we eat, sleep, wear, worship, and drink Rose.

We get to know her in all of her glory. Commencing with a Rose ceremony celebration on Friday night June 23, in Blue Hill.

You can join me online for this exciting week of Rose Work where we journal, listen, meditate, connect, and become one with Rose as our guide and spirit sister.

Find out how she works with you.

Rose will help you with love, passion, commitment, and lust. Fertility, physical as well as fertility of an idea or project. Rose brings open-heartedness, balances emotions, relieves the heart of heaviness such as depression or deep sadness and grief, and helps treat psycho-spiritual imbalances.

Join soon so you can put together your Rose kit before the retreat. $33. donation.

New Offering: Private Breathwork Sessions are now available. Have you been searching for inner growth & inspiration in your life? Are you willing to release the next layer and allow what you are working on to become visible?

Your breathing rate and the state of your mind are inseparable. The mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind.

My office space for Breathwork is private and safe and allows for deep release.

Schedule your Healing Massage or Breathwork session today.

NEW: Christina's signature essential oil massage with Reiki

75/ minutes. $155

More Offerings:

Cacao New Moon Ceremony Friday, June 16, 7:00-9:00 pm at Water Street Wellness in Blue Hill. $33. Limited space sign up to hold your place.

On-going Yoga with Rebecca Wednesdays, 9:00-10:30 Thursdays, 5:30-7:00

Peace & Light



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