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Wellness Wednesday

Plants for Healing

Did you know plants are some of our best teachers? They are all around us, in every season. Even when the days are cold, and the frozen, snowy ground looks daunting, there are plants deep in the earth under the layers waiting to be with us in all their glory in the spring.

Other plants shine bright in the cold, the fur and pine trees.

Plants are healers. They heal the disease of the body, the mind, and the heart. Plant medicines can connect you to your inner wisdom as they activate the healer within you.

Communing with plants every day is something I have been doing my whole life, more so during the past few years. Using plant medicine such as Cacao in ceremonies has helped open my heart to receive the fullness of the Cacao, as well as other plants I use such as herbal teas and essential oils.

When we work with the plants, drink the plants, and sit with the plants, we become the plants as they become a part of us. And when we know the plant as our ally, our teacher, we can offer them to others as medicine.

Using Cacao in a sacred ceremony can be life-changing. Facilitating Sacred Cacao Ceremony, and sharing this heart-opening plant medicine allows for positive growth, change, and awakening for everyone.

When we gather around the circle and bring our intentions to light we begin to see and feel the magic of what an open heart can bring.

Join me in our next Cacao Ceremony on February 17, with the new moon. Or book a private Cacao Ceremony for yourself or your family. Private ceremonies are both virtual and/or in-person in my beautiful wellness studio.

Sending everyone love and warmth as we move through the deep part of winter in the northeast.

Dates to remember:

February 9, Menopause Magic Online course begins. Sign up here:

February 17, 2023 6:00-8:00 pm

Text or call to save your place. Limited seating.


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