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Wellness Wednesday

Mindful Oats

What really…oats can be mindful…most of us think oats… are just, well, oats! Oats are a delicious gluten-free grain that comes from the Avena Sativa plant, a type of cereal grain, a distant cousin within the grass family.

Raw oats are gluten-free, which most people and many animals can digest pretty easily.

So how do they become mindful?

They become mindful when you touch them from a place of presence, and begin to turn them into a delicious, nutritious oatmeal.

When you prepare a mindful meal, you are making a meal with intention and love. While scooping the oats from the container, to pouring them into a pot of just the right amount of boiling water, to picking up the wooden spoon to stir the oats you are doing this all with intention.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the state of focus and awareness of the present. It is living in the moment and being fully aware of our inner and outer experiences. When you set out to consciously prepare your food with focus and awareness. Your food becomes “mindfully prepared” and can even taste better!

Here’s how to be mindful… When worries or concerns about the day pop up, allow them to be what they are… When the mind goes away from the stirring of the oats, and to the schedule of the day, the weather, the shopping list, allow the thoughts to flow through…you can say… “Hello, I hear you, no, not now please…I am stirring my oats…thank you for visiting…I am focusing here, now.” Then take a breath in and a breath out and your back in the present making mindful oats.

Before you know it you will be stirring a thick pot of oatmeal. Ladle some into a bowl, add your favorite toppings. I like to use grass-fed butter or coconut oil, blueberries, bananas, maple syrup, hemp hearts, chia seeds, walnuts…top it off with the nourishing foods that you like.

Sit at the table, or in a comfortable place and eat slowly using your sense of sight, look at your mindfully prepared bowl, using your sense of smell, smell the berries on top, your sense of taste, to taste each spoonful fully, does oatmeal have a sound, if so…what is the sound?

Keep it slow!

Eat slowly to help aid your digestion which will allow your stomach to feel good and your body to be healthy.

Happy December!!

Blue Hill Healing is open for most of the month. We have Holiday gift certificates, and I am available for wellness coaching. If you are going through a transition and you need guidance to create your next move, check in for a discovery call or a coaching session.

Enjoy the final days of 2021!

Peace & Light,



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