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Wellness Wednesday

Holding Space. What does it mean to hold space for yourself?

It means treating yourself with kindness, care, compassion, and self-love. When you hold space for yourself, you give yourself a place to check-in, see where you are, and adjust.

Tuning inward invites self-awareness, creates space for you to reflect, and helps you understand yourself. It is the ability to be present for ourselves with love.

Deepak Chopra says that... "holding space is the conscious act of being present, open, allowing, and protective of what we need."

Many of us are looking for outside stimulus to feel good, to feel loved. We think that over consuming food, products, or even exercise will cure us, or make us feel better…and perhaps for the moment, yes, there may be a sense of ease or fulfillment…though when the moment passes we can feel bloated, saturated or exhausted when we over-consume.

So what if you could feel the feeling of aliveness, wholeness, abundance all without leaving your home? Without special foods, shopping carts full of products, or gadgets?

What if what you are seeking is right here, right now, in the present. And it is always here. What if you could hold space for yourself and give yourself all the love you need without going outside your room, or your office, or your house.

Take a moment right now. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale three times. Plant your feet on the floor and feel them rooted into the floor, now go down a layer and feel them planted deep into the foundation of the building you are in, and now even deeper into the ground under the foundation, and even deeper into the core of the earth.

Notice how this feels. You are rooted, you are not a part of the earth you are the earth. The earth is holding you, creating this space for you right now, right this very moment where nothing else is needed.

The earth is holding space for you. Mother Earth, Nature, God, All that is. Our only need for this moment is to lean into and allow the feeling of being held. Allow this wonderful space, all for you.

How does it feel to be holding space for yourself?

Contact me for a coaching call if you need to express yourself in a safe & confidential space.

Friday in-person guided meditation is on for two more weeks of 2021. 8:30 am, in Blue Hill.

Massage gift certificates are available, as well as massage therapy sessions.

Sending Peace & Light from the salty Maine Coast,



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