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Waiting for the Flag-Man

Waiting for the Flag-Man

I like traffic. I’m OK with road work.

Some people don’t like to sit in traffic. They get stressed out when there is road work ahead. Stopping slows us down. We stop for a few minutes to wait for the flag person to give instructions to go ahead. We wait and then speed back into the day.

I like traffic. I’m OK with road work.

Here’s how traffic can be a great teacher.

It’s an unexpected pause in my day. What if the breath we take at the blocked intersection turns our to be our last. What would we want to be thinking? I want to be thinking … Ah… I am breathing, life is wonderful, I am alive.

Traffic jams can be interesting. The stopping of my car along a road side where I don’t normally stop allows me to look around at a new place. I look out my window and see new sights.

One time while I was waiting for the Flag-person to wave me forward, I saw a small house I had never noticed, even though I had driven that particular road many times. I took the time to look at the tiny purple flowers and the big white hydrangeas. I thought about planting them in my garden. I wondered who lived there and if they were happy with their blue shutters and red front door?

There is no rush. Where are we all rushing to?

Traffic and road work are OK.

Did you ever race so fast to pick up your son at nursery school because you were afraid of being a few minutes late…you get there and he is curled under a pile of silky blankets fast asleep.

Darn. You could have relaxed more on the drive. Stopped for the woman waiting to cross the street with her dog.

Take the traffic challenge. Thank the Flag-person, give them a smile. Enjoy the stopping. Breathe into the stopping. I know we want to go-go- go we want to dance, we want to fly. We want to get every morsel out of life before it’s finished.

Doing more faster, feels as if we are getting more.

I am not sure…I think slowing down makes life fuller.

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